Drivers Succeed With the Help of Insurance Websites

Drivers Succeed With the Help of Insurance Websites

Drivers across the nation are giving their insurance providers a failing grade when it comes to finding all the discounts available for their car. Online insurance companies are giving agents a run for their money as more drivers discover the long list of discounts their agent failed to include in their policy.

It’s no surprise insurance companies have been quiet about these savings. They have been able to bring in millions of dollars every year just by keeping consumers in the dark. What they don’t want you to know is that if you drive less than 50 miles a day, have no DUIs and have a good driving record, you are entitled to rates lower than what you may be paying now.

That’s not the end of the story though. There are additional savings available, depending on what type of car you drive, how old you are, and even what you do for a living. These discounts are available to many drivers but, sadly, not enough drivers know they are eligible. Insurance comparison sites like InsureMyCar4Less specialize in finding these savings for drivers.

On any given day, nearly 20,000 drivers turn to insurance shopping sites to lower their automotive insurance rates. More and more drivers are using the Internet to solve their insurance problems. Why is that?

As car owner Michelle stated after receiving her online quote:

“It was the easiest thing I did all week. I took a few minutes on my lunch break to see what was available, and by the time dinner rolled around I had cut my insurance premium by 46%!”

Smart shoppers are learning quickly that the ability to compare rates from multiple insurance carriers online allows them to quickly find the best coverage and rates for their car. Comparison sites make it easy for consumers to get a glimpse at what they could be paying for auto insurance. The process is quick, free of charge, and remains the best tool drivers can use to keep their rates as low as possible.

What’s The Problem with Your Current Policy?

Let’s look at two basic facts that currently impact the majority of drivers.

  1. Your insurance rate has either increased or stayed the same in the past 6 months
  2. Your car has decreased in value in the past 6 months.

These two facts are always in play when it comes to looking at the cost of insurance coverage. The problem is that your current policy was probably built around your car when you first bought or leased it, and is no longer an insurance policy designed for the car sitting in your garage. The graph below shows you exactly what this looks like.

Chart showing cost of insurance vs car value

The cost of your insurance has slowly increased, while the value of your car has done the opposite. On top of that, the market itself has changed dramatically, with new rules and pricing for protecting your car available at a lower rate. What does all this mean?

It means even if your rate has stayed the same, you may still be overpaying.

Just like anything sitting in your refrigerator, your insurance policy has an expiration date. The coverage and price you are paying right now might have been good when you first signed up, but now it is time to find a better rate.

Insurance providers know this system well, because it is how they keep that steady flow of money coming through their doors. The one thing they cannot prepare for though is an informed customer with an online insurance quote undercutting their costs. With the average driver overpaying more than $350 on auto insurance, it is clear to see the amount of money an online insurance quote can help you save.

Insurance comparison sites are informing drivers to help them make the right decisions when it comes to their auto insurance. Just by answering a few simple questions on a secure online form, drivers across the nation are finally paying for the actual cost of protecting their cars, and saving big because of it.

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