Learn how to “Flip” Your Insurance

Learn how to “Flip” Your Insurance

House flipping has taken the markets by storm, and it hasn’t stopped there. As a growing number of Americans have begun to take part in a new phenomenon of “insurance flipping”, agents are beginning to sweat as more and more customers begin to undercut their prices and save big.

Insurance flipping is a quick process that allows the consumer to control the pricing of their rates. This process is the easiest way to take the current price of your insurance coverage and lower it drastically without ever changing carriers. It is based around a simple idea that insurance companies want you to forget: every price is negotiable. You negotiated over the price of your car, and you can do the same for your insurance as well.

So how do you flip your insurance?

Step One: get a free auto insurance quote online.

By getting a quick online quote for insurance, you can see exactly what the insurance market looks like. Sites like InsureMyCar4Less specialize in matching drivers to the top insurance providers with the lowest rates. Insurance comparison websites have quickly become the primary source for insurance shopping, allowing drivers to compare rates side-by-side without having to contact all the individual agents in their towns. These comparison sites screen the top agents in your area and find the ones who will offer the lowest rates for your car. Once you have your quotes, it will become easy to see how much are currently overpaying.

Step Two: Deliver those online quotes to your current insurer.

Schedule a time to talk with your current agent and show them all the quotes you received. Start the conversation by saying, “This is what your competition can do for me. Let’s see you do better”. At that point you control the negotiation, and more importantly you control your rates. It costs more to lose a customer than to sign a new one, and now your agent will be fighting to keep your rates as low as possible.

Insurance providers are well aware that more customers are coming to them with online insurance quotes and continue to lower rates once drivers point out how much they are being overcharged. When asked about what an online quote meant for his company, one leading auto insurance agent had this to say:

“When I have a customer walk in with quotes from our competition in their hands, I know I have my work cut out for me. They now know how much they should be charged, and are more informed than the average insurance shopper. I’ve got to give them the lowest possible rate because I know they won’t settle for anything less”.

What Happens if the Flip Doesn’t Work?

In most cases, an insurance agent will lower the costs at the thought of losing a customer. The reality is that not every agent will be able to match your online insurance quotes. Even if they can’t lower the cost, you still come out ahead. Every quote that you brought in as a bargaining chip is now an opportunity. Switching carriers is quick and easy and with the quotes in front of you it will be easy to see which provider is best for you.

20,000 drivers every day go online to compare their insurance, because with an insurance flip the consumer always wins. Get your online quote today and stop paying what insurance companies want you to pay, and get the rates you deserve.

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